Appeals Procedure

You have the right to appeal against your Parking Charge Notice

  • Please do so within 7 days of the issue of your notice
  • You are able to appeal via email or in writing to:

Email address:

Or in writing to:

27 Old Gloucester Street

  • Please include your registration number and Notice No in any correspondence, without this; we will be unable to investigate your appeal.
  • Please enclose or attach any documentary evidence that you feel will support your appeal, or a written description will suffice.
  • On receipt of your appeal, we will suspend the time limit to your payment period to enable a full investigation to be carried out.
  • During our investigation, we will review our photographic evidence and give due consideration to the individual circumstances surrounding your appeal.
  • We will respond to you, by the same means that you submit your appeal, within 28 days of the receipt of your appeal.